Sunday, January 13, 2008

Compassion To the one who hurt usdo we hurt backor do we show mercy
To the one who lied to usdo we lie backor do we lead with honor
To the one who cheated usdo we cheat backor do we forgive
To the one who hates usdo we hate backor do we live only with love
To the one who stole from usdo we steal backor do we give clemency
To the one who is jealous of usdo we bathe in itor do we uplift them
To the one who makes a mistakedo we judge themor do we remember our own mistakes
To the one who is weakdo we walk byor do we help them
To the one who cannot lovedo we pity themor do we show compassion
To live in a wonderful world do we remember we must first master ourselves

Monday, October 08, 2007

Playing with three suits... no hearts...

she is the queen of sorrow
plays these jokers easily
doubles up on aces every other hand
but still cant draw a king
tries to not show what she's holding
throws her hands up in frustration
yelling she's busted
yet she is still playing the game
she is a full house
holding on to each suit
loves the clubs
calls a spade a spade
got plenty of diamonds
but a pair of hearts is what she wants
what she needs to win
but she says she's a full house
a house full of the other suits
she wont bow out
still plays on, with the three in tow
she wont let hand pass with no one in her hands
needs to hold on to something
until she loses herself
King of peace walks up to the table, chips in hand
waiting for an invitation to the table
hand after hand he stands and waits
she finally allows him in
and calls a high bet
and he matches it, and raises
she calls, hoping she is calling his bluff
he places 1 king, 1 queen, 2 hearts on the table
and walks away
she did't recognize him when he came
and she is still sitting at the table
hoping the king will bet on her again

Friday, October 05, 2007

1. Flavor Flav and all the women that have ever appeared on the Flavorof Love (especially New York) - no explanation needed
2. Clarence Thomas - for having the audacity to desecrate the seat thatwas held by the late great Thurgood Marshall
3. Condoleeza Rice - self explanatory (but the fact that she wasshopping for Ferragamo's when people were dying due to HurricaneKatrinawas enough by itself to get her placed on the list.
4. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown - too many reasons to count
5. Halle Berry in Monster's Ball - Billy Bob Thornton (need I say more)
6. DC snipers - Black people are not serial killers
7. Marion Berry - too embarrassing for words
8. Kobe Bryant - for snitching on Shaq (it's one thing to be a rapist,but to be a snitch on top of that is just taking it too far)
9. Rae Carruth - for having the audacity to hide his black ass in the trunk of a car in Nashville after having his baby mother killed
10. Terrell Owens - speechless
11. Mike Tyson - biting Evander's ear was enough to get him on the list
12. OJ Simpson - the Bronco ride by itself was enough to make the list
13. R. Kelly - pissing on little girls and having the audacity torecordit
14. Puffy - cooning and shining and denying he's gay(DANG!) (and we not even going to mention the fact that he keeps stringing Kim Porter along,but his butt was crying over J.Lo)
15. The sister that cut the baby out of the pregnant woman and killed her other children by placing them in the washing machine and dryer
16. The entire Jackson family - Jermaine please let those fingerwavesgo .Let's just take a moment of silence for Michael.
17. Armstrong Williams - for being on the GOP's payroll to praise No Child Left Behind when all it is doing is leaving children behind
18. Rodney King - "Can't we all just get along? "
19. 50 Cent - thinking he has enough clout to hate on Oprah. And forjust being a punk and crying when someone talks to someone he doesn'tlike.
20. Wendy Williams - for always looking a Hot Ass Mess, and having thenerve to talk about other people
21. Dennis Rodman - too many reasons
22. Ice-T - for marrying a plastic Malibu Barbie named CoCo and swearing his old ass is a pimp
23. Diana Ross - for getting a DUI
24. The entire cast of Soul Plane - self explanatory
25. James Brown - beating his wife and that infamous mug shot
26. Jesse Jackson - for the love child
27. Bishop Don "Magic " Juan - for portraying every stereotype thatwhite people believe to be true about black people
28. Snoop Dog - for having those sisters on leashes at the MTV MusicAwards and introducing the world to Bishop Don "Magic " Juan (and let'snot even mention Girls Gone Wild)
29. Bob Johnson - for selling BET to the Man
30. The entire BET station and staff members - for giving us Un-Cut andfor taking away BET news
31. Cuba Gooding Jr. - cooning and shining at the Oscars
32. Nelly - for the Tip Drill video
33. The Ms. Peachez videos - cooning and shining at its finest ( com/watch? v=rGrqW3nx5HM or v=GautSlgAsN0)
34. Terry McMillan - for going on the Oprah Show acting like she didn'tknow her husband was gay before she married him and then being in thehot tub with him after she talked about him so bad
35. Al Sharpton -for rocking a perm in the '06 and having the audacity to run for President while looking like a pimp
36. Black people that say that Biggie and Pac were assassinated. Martinand Malcolm were assassinated those two brothers were shot. (Chris Rock from Bigger and Blacker)
37. Tina Knowles - for giving us House of Dereon
38. Lil Kim - for being the black Pamela Anderson
39. Karrine "Superhead " Steffans - for being the Black Monica Lewinsky
40. Omarosa - she gave intelligent Black sisters a bad name
42. All the Black wannabe models on America 's Next Top Model that comeon the show with a straight up attitude
43. Coral from the Real World/ Road Rules challenge always having tocome on the shows portraying the angry Black woman
44. Vivica A. Fox for dating 50 Cent and then wearing the daisy dukesduring Lil Jon's performance
45. Ron Isley for tax evasion and stealing from his decease brother'sestate
46. Wesley Snipes - for To Wong Fu and then denying that he was the onethat made Halle Berry deaf in her left ear
47. Wayne Brady for acting like a bafoon in front of white folks onWho's line is it.
48. Johnny Gill for perpetrating he's a Mac Daddy when all along he'sflaming.
49. Jermaine Dupree for getting upset and quitting the record companyafter Janet Jackson's sorry album flopped (bigsurprise)
50. Fantasia for telling the WHOLE world she can't read. There's some stuff you need to keep to yourself.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Mychal Bell... release this brother please....

Bail denied for only Jena beating suspect in jail
Ruling comes day after civil rights demonstration in La. town...

His charges have been over turned... and yet he still sits in a jail cell... because the DA and Judge are figuring out if they want to chrgae him with something else or release him... they have seven days more to do so... if he remains in jail any longer than that... God have mercy on Jena, LA

Thursday, September 20, 2007

To all the Celebrities (of all races):

Where the hell are you? The march in Jena, LA is going on right now. I am at my desk watching the coverage and have yet to see one celebrity stand up and say anything. It’s not like you couldn’t there. You guys rent jets, own jets and have the means to charter you and your friends there, but I guess San Tropez is/was a better trip.

I understand how involving yourself in a cause like this may damage your career because you will be seen as a separatist of some sort. But, standing for this means you stand for something, and I would rather stand behind you and your projects because you stood up. But I am only one person and I guess my support isn’t enough.

I understand you have prior engagements to attend to. But one day you will be so engaged you will miss the revolution happening in your back yard. I would think being a part of change made more sense than landing a deal with the movie director of the next unoriginal romantic comedy

I know that you all have spent years amassing your fortunes. But if you were generous with your earnings, or rather being good stewards of your fortunes you would know that if you donated a minimum of 10% of your earnings among the various causes people are seeking funding for, there would be more than 5 billion dollars to spread around. And that’s just counting the Hip-hop community. Imagine if every actor, singer, producer, performer did this. We would have had a cure for AIDS years ago, for instance. I’m not saying you don’t donate, but donating to causes outside of Amerikkka, leaves the cause here in a shambles. We donated for Katrina and they are still living in trailers two years later. We could helped those people a year ago. But I guess a 10 million dollar 6 bedroom home, 15 custom cars, a summer house in the Hamptons (where I hear the white parties are dope), an apartment in the city, are all needed. With all the space you own you could have put some of the Katrina victims up for a while until they got themselves together. But those houses/apartments are worth more to you empty than helping someone sleep in a safe environment.

I understand why you say you don’t want to be a role model. When my daughter is old enough to understand I will let her know you said that. That you refuse to stand up, you refuse to help, you refuse to do anything worth anything. You will, however, lend your name and support to anyone paying you to do so.

Isn’t it ironic? How you “prayed” and wished for all you have, and yet walk away from causes saying you don’t have anything to give to the people of your own home towns, your neighborhoods.

I fight in my own way. I donate, attend rallies, educate myself on the issues, and speak on the issues. But I’m still waiting to hear a word from you….

JENA 6 Timeline of Events-

August 31, 2006- A black student asks permission to sit under the "white tree." A school administrator replies, "you can sit whereveryou want."-

September 1, 2006- Three nooses in school colors are found hanging from the "white tree." -

September 7, 2006- The three students responsible for hanging the nooses were found. The principal recommends them for expulsion.

-September 8, 2006- The superintendent overruled the principal's decision, calling it a harmless prank. The responsible students were instead suspended.-(no confirmed date available)- The District Attorney and several police officers came out to the school for an impromptu assembly afterseveral reports of "trouble" at the school. The District Attorney told the students that if they didn't stop making a fuss about the "innocent prank… I can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I can take your lives away with a stroke of my pen."-

November 30, 2006- A fire burns down the main academic building of Jena High School . Investigators ruled that it was arson.

-December 1, 2006- A black student, Robert Bailey, attends a "white party," is beaten and has a bottle broken over his head. One person was later charged with simple battery for the beating and received probation.

-December 2, 2006- A fight is reported at the Gotta Go convenience store outside of Jena . Investigators say three students beat a man and took his shotgun. The students, one of whom was Robert Bailey- the victim of the beating at the party the previous night, say the man, who was also at the party, pulled a sawed off shot gun on the students. They wrestled the gun away from him and ran away. (The students were later charged with theft of the firearm, second-degree robbery, and disturbing the peace.)

-December 4, 2006- White student, Justin Barker, was allegedly with the students responsible for hanging the nooses, saying racial slurs and taunting Robert Bailey about being beaten up at the party on December first. Later, he was knocked unconscious (either by the first punch or from hitting the ground), punched, and kicked while he was down by a group of black students. An ambulance was called. Barker was conscious by the time it arrived. He was taken to the hospital, treated and released within three hours for injuries to his ears, face, and eyes. Barker was well enough to attend a school ring ceremony later that night.

-December 5-6, 2006- Six black students are arrested and charged with aggravated second-degree battery. They were: Robert Bailey Jr, age 17. Bail amount: $138,000. Theo Shaw, age 17. Bail amount: $130,000. Carwin Jones, age 18. Bail amount: $100,000. Bryant Purvis, age 17. Bail amount: $70,000. Mychal Bell, age 16. Bail amount: $90,000. An unnamed minor. -

December 7, 2006- The District Attorney announces that the charges against all six have been upgraded to attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit second-degree murder.

-December 15, 2006- It is announced that Mychal Bell, age 16, will be charged as an adult. -

January 3, 2007- Purvis, Jones, and the unnamed juvenile post bail and are released from jail.-

January 6, 2007- Relatives announced that all six students involved in the fight (dubbed the " Jena 6") have been expelled from school.

-May 2, 2007- Robert Bailey Jr. is also released from jail. Mychal Bell and Theo Shaw remain incarcerated.

-May 10, 2007- The victim of the Dec. 4 fight, Justin Barker, is arrested for bringing a gun onto the Jena High School campus. The gunwas found in his truck.-June 25, 2007- Mychal Bell's trial begins. The District Attorney reduced the charges against Bell to second-degree aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery, both of which are still felonies. (In the state of Louisiana , for something to be consideredaggravated battery a deadly weapon must be used. The District Attorney said the deadly weapons in this case were the shoes he was wearing.)

-June 26, 2007- None of the 50 people who show up for jury duty are black. The 6 person jury selected is an all-white jury. There areallegations that all of the jury members knew a witness expected to be called during the trial. One jury member was a high school classmate of the District Attorney, another is friends with the mother of the victim, Justin Barker.

-June 27, 2007- The prosecutor called 17 witnesses, who all had varying testimonies. Some said they didn't see Bell hit Baker. Somesaid they saw Bell kick the victim. The victim, Justin Barker, said he didn't see anything and didn't know if Bell was one of the people who hit him. - Bell was represented by a court appointed public defender, Blane Williams. The public defender did not call a single witness.- Bell 's parents were not allowed to be in the courtroom during the proceedings because they were listed as potential witnesses by their son's attorney. They were never called to testify.

-June 28, 2007- The jury deliberated for fewer than three hours and found Bell guilty on the charges of second degree battery andconspiracy to commit second degree battery. With this sentence, he could face up to 221/2 years in prison.

-August 2007- Civil rights groups and activists such as the American Civil Liberties Union, Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Martin Luther King III get involved. They visited Jena , held rallies, and helped Bell get new representation for an appeal before he is supposed to be sentenced.

-August 15, 2007- Bell 's attorneys file a motion to void his conviction.

-August 16, 2007- One of Bell 's attorneys says the case should be tried in juvenile court instead of adult court.

-August 24, 2007- A judge denies Mychal Bell bond because of four previous incidents, including two previous simple battery charges, he has on his record.

-August 29, 2007- "Free the Jena 6" T-shirts are banned from being worn at Jena High School .

-September 4, 2007- A judge vacated the conspiracy to commit aggravated battery charge against Bell . It will be handled in juvenile court. The second-degree aggravated assault charge remains. Bell will now only face a maximum of 15 year in prison rather than 221/2.-The charges against Carwin Jones and Theo Shaw were also reduced to second-degree aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit second-degree aggravated battery.

-September 14, 2007- A state appeals court in Louisiana throws out the only remaining conviction against Mychal Bell, saying that he should not have been tried as an adult on the charge of aggravated battery.

Micheal Dyson on Jena 6

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Send one up for me...

Pray for me...

The past few months have been trying for me as a woman, wife, mother, friend, and as a Christian... just pary for me please...

many times i've wanted to just throw my hands up and give into the desire to quit. But i'm in a place where i am being broken amd being molded for something great....

Been listening to a lot of Gospel music and here a few songs that have gotten my spirit to calm down and sit in the Spirit, and listen for the answers...

Healing In His Tears ..
By Smokie Norful Written by Smokie Norful & Myron Butler
From CD: Nothing Without You

Jesus cried for my pain
Removed agony and strain
Lent His ear to my fear
There's healing in His tears
There's healing in His tears

Being both God and man
Who better would understand
Than the one who comforts me
And who died to set me free

Just like He cried for Lazarus
Still today He cares for us
And when Jesus feels your pain
Nothing in your life remains the same
Healing, healing, healing, healing, oh Oh, oh, oh healing

All Things Are Working For Me
Fred Hammond
Falling apart and tearing at the seams
Tribulation lends a hand and squeezes all your hopes and dreams
You say you retreat, you say you just can't win
Before you let your circumstance tell you how the story ends
(God's word) His word says you can stand,
He'll cover you with His grace
Everything you need is in your hand,
So lift up your head and say
All things are working for me, even things I can't see
Your ways are so beyond me, but
You said that you would let it be for my good,
so I'll rest and just believe
Verse 2:
I know you say you've got it bad right now,
Let me say I know that feeling well,
To make good plans for life and then watch them take a downward spin
Let me encourage you while I encourage me
See the raging rain and wind but
He'll speak peace and it will come to an end
(The truth is)The truth is He cannot lie,
I'm in His hands and I'm on his mind, promised me
He'd always be there, so by faith He will answer my prayer
Many days and nights I cried because
I felt let down But I won't always receive good but a praise in my heart will remain
So with tears in your eyes know sometimes it might get rough but say
Lord I love you more and that is enough to know
All things are working for me, even things I can't see
Your ways are so beyond me, but You said that you would let it be for my good,
so I'll rest and just believe

Philippians 4:7
Fred Hammond
Verse One)
Why downcast oh,my soul
Having a heavy heart in hand
Knowing full his promise still remains
That He would safely guideIf on his shoulders I would lean
And his perfect will I would remain

(Verse Two)
The battle rages on
And weakens my confidence
Confusion urges me to curse the day
But when I patient wait Under the shadow of His wing
Then I softly hear the Spirit say

The peace that passes on
All your understanding
Shall guard your heart and mind
Through Christ Jesus (Repeat)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wastes of Talent....

1. I found out yesterday my company is closing it state -side finace departments and outsourcing them to India... so I've been laid off... technically I have 90 days to wrap up all my projects and such... I did take issue with the way it was handled by the company. they said it to us in an emergency mandatory meeting... the meeting lasted all of 10 minutes, where they said "the company is going in the following direction..., and by the way we're outsourcing your functions, any questions?" It was disrespectful and harsh. But it is what it is... thejob hunt goes into fifth gear now...

2. I've been hearing a lot about the upcoming concerts Lauryn Hill and Bilal are doing here in Brooklyn in August...
Bilal he is a genius! but a genius on crack/heroin is no good for anyone. he has developed the rep for being high/drunk when he performs so a lot of people don't want the risk attached when booking him. His last two attempts at releasing an album have all been thwarted because he can't stay clean. he is entirely too talented to just dash his prowess to the side and smoke/snort/inject that crap...

Now Lauryn is just going through some stuff... she needs to get away from Brother whatever his name, and understand that she can't preach to the masses in the manner she is going about it. people who have been to her spotty summer tour dates have come back to say the show sucked basically. The band is too big and too loud, she is incoherant, her preachy lyrics are turning people off, and fans are asking for their money back at the end of the shows... maybe she needs a good blunt like back in the day...

Now there are some other people I could name that are being quite wasteful of their talents... some due to lack of motivation, lack of direction, lack of support, lack of resources, some just plain and simple didn't take the opportunity to succeed when it was handed to them, lack of informed/intellegent management, lack of production.... i could go on but I'll stop here cause I must be fair and lump myself in with them....

What are you people doing?